Voxelands is a sandpit building game that was inspired by previous “Voxel World” games like Minetest, Minecraft and Infiniminer.
Gameplay puts players in a fully destructible 3D game world, where they have numerous types of blocks, objects and creatures
place and dig with a variety of tools.
Within the game, players can use structures, works of art and everything their creativity on multiplayer servers and
Single player can think of worlds across multiple game modes.
Voxelands was originally forked from the Minetest-C55 0.3.x codebase, as several core developers were disaffected with the direction of Minetest 0.4.
We wanted to put the fun back in the game and stop making it an engine.
With this in mind, the goal with the last stable public release of the 0.3 series,
Launch backport bug fixes and improvements from 0.4 and fix some other bugs
that were never fixed. Then add in some new features and make a polished version.

Initial changes were a few additional block types and some anti-griefing measures,
while mostly revising the codebase into something usable. Major changes in the game soon followed,
including a snow biome, agriculture, electrical circuits – with bulbs, lamps and logic gates -,
including diagonal fences, walls, fire and proper sloping ceilings Can be written in or
Display craft guides, 3D players and mobs, a redesigned ui game, and more.

Voxelands takes some inspiration from role-playing games and therefore tries to stay in-game in the game,
instead of having special orders that occur outside of the world. This has to do with things like home flags,
Incinerators and throwable “teleport powder” led.
In the same vein, a character creator with millions of variations has been built that allows players to customize
how they look to others while allowing the player to see several hundred artisanal garments –
and added defense against creature attacks, cold weather, drowning, and the vacuum of space – easily changed within the game world.

There are also several craft books in the game world; these are not only for writting in, but also provide craft and cooking guides so that players don’t have to break out of the game to check external websites or wiki.

At the end of 2014 the mob system was completely rewritten and is regularly improved to add many creatures to the game world,
by adding both additional sources of handicrafts and food and more survival elements from the more dangerous mobs,
which appear next to their passive counterparts.

As it stands now, Voxelands has nearly 500 types of blocks, plus several hundred handicrafts, tools, and clothing,
along with dozens of mobs. Some are decorative, some are structural, and more are interactive;
So that a variety of constructions take place while the player is familiar with the natural world along with items of cultivation and craft,
to defend themselves and their ever-growing bases, cities and empires.

What’s next? More mobs, more blocks, more options in the character creator, more improvements to the look and feel of the game,
and above all, more fun!


Code license: GPLv3+



win-32 build voxelands installer (german language):